console (plural consoles)

  1. A cabinet designed to stand on the floor.
  2. A cabinet that controls, instruments, and displays are mounted upon.
  3. The keyboard and screen of a computer.
  4. A storage tray or container mounted between the seats of an automobile.
  5. A video game console.


7 letters in word "console": C E L N O O S.

Anagrams of console:

Words found within console:

cel cels cens clon clone clones clons close col cole coles colon colone colons cols con cone cones cons consol coo cool cools coon coons coos cos cose eco el els en enol enols ens eon eons es leno lenos lens les lo loco locoes locos lone loo loon loons loos loose loosen los lose losen ne no noel noels noes nole noles nolo nolos noo noose nos nose oe oes ole oleo oleos oles on once onces one ones ons oo oon oons oos oose os ose sco scone sec seco sel sen sloe snool so soc socle sol sole solo solon son sonce sone soole soon